what is the mental health project

Edinburgh Food Project has secured 2 years funding through the Scottish Government, Empowering Communities Fund, to deliver community based mental health and wellbeing support for food bank clients.  Based on the concept of “Coproduction” the project will invite staff, volunteers, support agencies, mental health professionals and food bank clients/ service users to come together to influence the way these services are designed, commissioned and delivered. 

Recent research by the Edinburgh Food Project (EFP) concludes that Foodbanks could play a pivotal role in helping their clients tackle the causes of their food poverty by providing access to expert advice and support services.  

 Key findings included:   

  • The overwhelming majority of clients (88%) believe foodbanks are suitable places to host advice and support services; 59% of clients would be very likely or likely to travel further than normal to a foodbank to access such services  
  • More than half of clients (67 of 127) say they are not receiving expert help with their problems 
  • Low income and problems with benefits, homelessness, unemployment, and debt are the most likely triggers of clients’ immediate food crises. These problems are most often caused by underlying issues with mental and physical health, benefits, families and relationships 
  • Client demand is strongest for mental health and benefits advice and support. 


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