Some messages of thanks from our clients and case studies from our volunteers.

Please note client names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clients.

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We had someone was a single parent caring for 2 teens, and 4 young children including 1 baby with special needs for whom we've been providing tailored baby items. The agency has been supporting her throughout lockdown and has helped me tailor some parcels based on the family's needs. In addition to the baby items we have provided a special toiletries pack with children's toiletries and a large bag of toys and games suited to the genders and ages of the children. The agency said the client was ecstatic when the toys were delivered as lockdown has been very challenging since the children were unable to go out.
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"Hi, Can't thank you enough for all your help, its really great to know that someone is there to help me, as I've felt lonely and isolated and very frightened on my own..i have no family, or friends. Thank you so much, xxx."
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After fleeing her home, we provided an extensive toiletry starter pack as well as items of clothing on top of the food parcel. A few days later we sent 4 crates of assorted beauty products such as cleansers, moisturisers, perfumes, hair dyes and face masks to the women's hostel. The agency was very happy with this as it would surely raise the clients' spirits.
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"Hi xxx
Thank you for your help. I feel much better now and getting my parcel from the council - I got fresh fruit and vegetables today and fresh bread. It's good to know that there's help out there for people like me as I was feeling worried and crying all the time.
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"Good afternoon everyone!
Would just to say a massive Heartfelt thank you for the food parcels we recieved today!
Even dog food!
What a great help and lovely surprise!
Saying The words Thank you just doesn't seem enough
But thank you thank you thank you so much!
Stay safe keep well."
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He had been robbed by his flatmate and was kicked out of their flat. He was put into temp accommodation with nothing more than the clothes on his back. We provided a toiletry starter pack as well as clothing (we had some smart, brand new clothes in the client's size) on top of the food parcel.
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A couple had lost all their income due to the pandemic and moved into a single room in shared accommodation with their new born baby and had very limited baby supplies. Along with the food parcel, we provided a bin bag full of newborn baby items, such as clothes, nappy bin + liners, bottles, baby toiletries and maternity items for mum.
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"Hi xxxx,
Can't thank you enough for your help when we spoke - thanks loads'.
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"Hey, xxx
We got our food parcels, thanks so much... thank you xxx"
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"Just to say thank you for the food parcel, you are a star"
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Hello, xxxx
Thanks so much for your kind help. I don't know what we would've done without your support.. I think we'd have been stuck and hungry. Thank you so much. I want to give a donation to Edinburgh Food Project, when this (lockdown) is over.. Thanks again"