Virgin Money Giving Closure

You may have received an email or seen an announcement on social media that Virgin Money will close their charity giving platform, Virgin Money Giving, on 30th November 2021.

We have used Virgin Money Giving since we opened in 2012 as our main platform for people to donate monthly, provide one-off donations and organise fundraising events. We have many loyal donors who support us through this platform.

The closure of Virgin Money Giving means that our donors who use this platform will no longer be able to donate to Edinburgh Food Project in this way. From 30th November 2021, Virgin Money will not accept any donations and regular donation instructions will be cancelled.

We have also worked with Just Giving over the years and now use their donation platform as the replacement for Virgin Money Giving. We would kindly ask, if you currently donate to us via Virgin Money Giving, please consider switching your donation over to Just Giving.

You can access our new Just Giving page here:

Thank you very much for your support,

Bethany Biggar